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How to Play Game Clash Royale

How to Play Game Clash Royale – Clash Royale is the latest game from PlayStore, has been present interesting games that have these types of games like Clash of Clans. Apparently, not only similar, but this game is developed by the same developer with the COC. Because it is a new game, perhaps many are still unfamiliar with this game, let’s look at how and tutorial to play the game Clash Royale. Before that, let’s check out the menu as well as some of the items contained in order to win easily.


Clash Royale Game Features:

Arena is a battlefield where you and your opponents fight fiercely for the trophy and victory. Currently there are 6 distinct Arenas: Goblin Stadium, Bone Pit, Barbarian Bowl, PEKKAs Playhouse, Spell Valley and Royal Arena. There is also a Training Camp, which is not an Arena per se, but rather a place where the training begins the road to victory.

Battle Deck
Battle Deck is a selection of 8 cards from your collection. This choice is important: they will fight with you

The number of trophies won or lost based on the difference between you and the enemy of your trophies. In general, if you win against a player who has more trophies than you, you will be rewarded with trophies.

Sudden Death
When the draw between your position and your opponent, there will be an extension of time in which during that time no buildings were destroyed, he was the winner.

hit Speed
Hit Speed ​​is speed level raid.

How to control the troops
After use, the unit will attack their own, and can not be steered by the player. Forces will continue depends on their ability and the desired target: check every card info page to learn their place in the battle, organize them into a deck that suits you.

Training Camp
Training Camp can practice your skills before facing the real players in multiplayer. Please note: you can not win / lose a trophy, or get any kind of resources / experience of Training Camp battle.

How to Play Clash Royale for Beginners

Use Gems To Buy Magical Chest
Gems is one of the hard currency obtained free of charge in gamem on use is for something as important as buying Magical Chest consisting of many Rare cards or exchange with gold, do not use to open the chest in vain.

No Rush to ride Arena
Arena is one of the battles in Clash Royale. The higher the Arena, the cards collected will be better. One of the things to do for starters is not in a hurry rise Arena. Because the higher the Arena opponent will be increasingly difficult. If the opponent is difficult, we will continue to lose and do not get a new chest.

Upgrade Cards
Upgrade card is important to do in the game Clash Royale

Complete Achievements
Achievement in Game Clash Royale may not have been a lot like Clash of Clans. Even so, the friend could finish Achievements in Clash Royale to earn additional free Gems.

Join the Clan
Join the other clan or create their own clan. The benefits that can be obtained by joining the clan is a friend can request additional cards, 10 cards 1 Common and Rare card.

ips Winning Against the Enemy When Battle:
Well How did the Clash Royale is must pay attention to the troops, the troops Elixir lot number, should be balanced and if it had an army like Witch, P.E.K.A, Prince then the result will be great.

Clash Royale Hack, If your card is already open on Inferno Inferno please use because we can confront our opponents across the arena. However, if you still have an army that is limited please use Giant first to enter the enemy’s defenses, then secapatnya after another with troops Prince, and yag importantly do not get complacent if there is an enemy into the arena, had to quickly fight with a strong defense of the your enemy soldiers.

Tips to Play Clash Royale

Select the first card for free Epic. Take advantage of gift cards in random Epic. Initially you will be given a seven stage in Training Camp where you can study one by one the features of Clash Royale gameplay. And every stage in the Training Camp award you an “Wooden Chest.” Now when you complete the fourth stage practice, you will get a Wooden Chest in which there are one free Epic card that you can get. There is one of the four cards Epic that you can get, and each of them have their uses and advantages are different. Here is a list of his Epic card:




Soldier fly can not be attacked by the forces of the enemy melee. Baby Dragon is strong enough to kill enemies gather, for area-based attacks. He also attacked from a distance and had a fairly thick Health Point. So it is good to defend or attack.




Direct play 20 Skeleton summoned to fight. It is suitable for the type of melee attack the enemy troops. Although the attack and Health Point they are low, they are able to defeat the Giant with ease.




Army sufficiently powerful and troublesome opponent, because he was able to attack from a distance at the same time summoning three skeleton to attack. But he himself is very weak, Health Point was quite low.





I think Prince is a ground forces and also a free Epic card the most powerful of the three other Epic cards. It has a Health Point thick, attack is quite high, skill Charge which produces double the normal attack, and movement speed is high, but it should be noted also for Hit Speed that he had a very long so make sure the prince can directly attack enemy buildings.

Well, although Epic random gift card, you can repeat the game to the data by deleting the game data Clash Royal and launch the game, to get one of the cards that you enjoy doing Epic above. But the risk, you repeat four early stage in Training Camp.

Game Review

Top 10 Things to Expect from GTA VI!

After the success achieved by Rockstar with GTA V, it can be a separate guarantee that the best open-world franchise in the gaming industry is expected to continue in the future. Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive is different from most other developers and publishers that would normally utilize the popularity and success to release more series into the market, as soon as possible, even to establish a regular release time for him. They chose to set their own time, exploring their other franchise, and threw an another game with the quality to be paired. This makes many gamers fell in love with what Rockstar and every product that came from their cold hands. But it is undeniable that GTA VI is inevitable.

5, 7, or 10 years from now, no one can predict when Rockstar to make GTA VI becomes a reality, especially with the demand for the latest series Bully and Red Dead Redemption is so strong among the fans. But if you see the time needed to develop open-world game as complex as this, not surprisingly, if they have already started preparing the basic concept of the present. Rumors had circulated before even mention that for the umpteenth time, they will come back to visit the United States in a different city. Nevertheless, as one of those gamers who could play each series in the past, it could not hurt to dream about our expectations for GTA VI. Dont forget to check our working GTA 5 ONLINE HACK .

There is hope that in spite of all the things they’ve done in the past, GTA VI can still offer something new and different in it. Something always did it in every series that is released to the market. So, whatever be our greatest hope? Here is the hope for GTA VI.


10. More Cameo
If we are talking about one of the most memorable moments in GTA V which also ended surprisingly, attendance figure Johnny who became the main character dI GTA IV: Lost and Damned seems to be something that never we predicted in advance, especially if you really had time to play the series in past. His presence produced two interesting effects – that any sliding GTA series did have a strong attachment to one another, and two, that understand each of them is an individual with different agendas that do not have to cooperate. The fact that Johnny – a character who already eat a lot of sour salt in Lost and Damned by who knows how many lives that had fallen in his hands ended prostrate in the hands of Trevor just finished a difficult moment to forget at the same time strengthen the character “insane” Trevor itself. There is hope that this concept will continue to return in the future. Who does not want to see CJ now probably already moving on a straight road or meeting with Tommy Vercetti is still continuing his career as a criminal giant. That will make it more cool.


9. Better Visual
For an open-world game, GTA V does offer quality visualization is not comparable with the latest games. It is understandable because Rockstar itself is built with previous generation platform as the focus, which is then refined with better quality and more features for the release of the current generation consoles and PC. There is great hope that the visual quality will be much more significant increase in the GTA VI with efforts to achieve a more realistic standard and abandon the approach is more “cartoon” he offers. Something that should be achievable given the development time will still be very long with the popularity of the current generation consoles that should be at the top or even at the end of a time when Rockstar introduces one series to the public. Imagining a GTA series is trying to pursue such an approach has sparked an interest of its own.



8. More Building for Attended
The most common problems you encounter in an open-world game? Always a world that feels spacious on the surface, but do not offer quite a lot of levels of interactivity in it, especially about the variety of buildings that you can enter. Quite often you will meet dozens of houses or tall buildings that ended up as a decoration and not allow you to go in and see what kind of contents with a closed door that looks like a two-dimensional texture of them. It would be much more interesting if the extra performance of current generation console or PC is allocated to allow more space like this for entry. Imagine a scenario where you could sneak into other people’s houses and steal kapapun you need anything in it, such as extra money or a health pack given your status as a lowly criminal. Everything is done while interacting with NPCs may surprised to see strangers into his house away or unconscious and continue to do their daily activities. Imagine also if you broke into an office building full of security guards, subjecting them all, and the pursuit of the CEO on the top floor for no reason at all and just for extra fun.


7. Move The City
There was never a complaint about the world wide at every GTA series because he usually ends meet what you want. A vast world even takes time to discover the vehicle though, which contains all the wild, mountain to climb, the highway to explore, to sea to dive. But not excessive rasaya to mention that Rockstar still has plenty of ways to make it much more interesting, such as system load two different cities, especially if it presents two different benuar in it. Imagine if you can raise money, to the airport to board a plane legally Atua steal it, and then went to another city that has the atmosphere is much different from the other cities, complete with character and for different missions. Rockstar capability will also be tested to make sure they feel connected to one another in a line of the same story. It will be a crazy concept interesting for the wait.



6. “Godfather”
Honestly, we never saw Saints Row as the toughest rival GTA. One open-world game the same theme that we think could even offer better appeal of GTA in the past is an adaptation of the classic movie The Godfather which carries the same title. Started life as a “lackey” inferior who do the dirty work, you begin to build your financial career and from there, enough to build “underground kingdom” of your own by purchasing a variety of illegal business. GTA V is allowing you to do the same, but minus the sensation that you are a leader there. One series of GTA managed to do something like this is Vice City which also contribute directly to the money that you can “harvest” for a long time. Honestly, mechanical and sensations as a Godfather is what we expect to be present in GTA VI later. There is a sensation that you are a well respected figure.


5. Classical era
We ourselves are quite biased when it comes to the GTA series where we think best, since GTA Vice City is definitely into the top of the list. As we discussed earlier, Tommy action at a time when it does create a sensation that you are indeed struggling to become a Criminal Overlord with great business skills. But not only that, it also offers a dynamic social life that is quite unique and different there, especially with the strains of classic songs that further strengthens the atmosphere. After several series that focuses on the life of the present, there is no harm in our opinion for Rockstar to return scour taste classic era like Vice City. Or if they want to bring it backwards? What if entered into the era of ala Godfather and the Mafia?


4. Family
Family? This may be the strangest town along the list that we offer here. It should be recognized that the story, has never been the main strength of the GTA. There was never anything special and emotional in there that will make you keep thinking about it. GTA is a game that is more selling gameplay and features as an open-world game, an appeal that should have been already realized. But there’s no harm in dreaming to make it look a little different on GTA VI, is not it? The concept of private family we think, would be something that is capable of supporting it. What if the system is three characters offered by GTA V is no longer for the characters that are connected in the fabric of a friendship, but blood. You can act as a father, mother, and the child who provide all three criminal trying to build a business in their own way. The child, for example, can be focused to distribute narcotics in schools, for example, while occasionally followed his father to take a larger criminal missions, such as fusible Bully and GTA in the same room. Such family approach also provides an opportunity for Rockstar to inject the story lines that could feel more emotional.


3. Asia
This is probably one of our biggest dreams, to see the GTA to get out of the “United States” as the main setting. Why? Due to the fact that you will continue to deal with the typical American community with a variety of prejudice that continue to be sold in each series could lead so something monotonous if too often exploited. There is great hope to see Rockstar bring out the continent and this series ends in Europe or even, as we dream of, Asia. Seeing how they represent the life of the criminal underground as a lower class criminals who are struggling in the midst heirarki Hongkong Triad or the Yakuza in Japan certainly interesting. He will offer the public a different dynamic, richer visualization of the city, and of course – the need to inject more typical story there. So like Assassin’s Creed, there is a great desire to see Rockstar have the courage for it, explore a community that may not seem familiar in their own eyes and make something cool from her. Imagine a game Sleeping Dogs or Yakuza, but formulated by Rockstar. You understand the potential that we are talking about.


2. Gang War
Gang War is one of the reasons that make Saints Row series legacy of the past, touted to surpass GTA. That they succeeded in concocting a feud territory yahng criminal force there as part of the gameplay and make it into a flurry of interest. Honestly, apalaig with the concept of “gang” that had taken in GTA IV: Lost and Damned, for example, the potential for tasting gameplay like this are still wide open. No longer moving along the breadth of the world to find a variety of secret injected Rockstar or just spend time to enjoy the activity side there, you can hire more people and all-out war to seize more territory. You, for example, can build illegal business whatever you want in the area that you have mastered, or even carry out missions ala Heist GTA V but in a structure outside the main mission. You can ask your crew to rob the nearest bank at au ask certain stores to pay “protection money”, for example.



1. Protagonist Female Character

If there is one thing you want most out of the latest series GTA VI in the future, then this might be the most high expectations of all the dreams are there – a fierce female protagonist and creepy. Relax, we’re not a gamer is screaming about feminism or about representation wantia in this game. We are just gamers who feel that such an approach would make GTA VI feels like a new and different game than the previous series. Imagine if you play a female character like Trevor berperingai with little psychopathic tendencies and do not hesitate to kill those who stand in his way. Or we can portray a woman who lead a double life – as a criminal and a good girl who looks like an angel in front of her parents, for example. Or we could play a role as a stripper getting sick and building a business empire of crime from the bottom with no little sense of mercy. There is so much potential that can be done GTA with a female protagonist, allowing Rockstar to offer an approach to the story, characters and action are different from her.
The above are 10 things we most wanted and dreamed of a series of GTA VI in the future. Rockstar is still not spoke about the continuation of the series and if you see the routine of the previous series, is likely to take a long time until we will actually see this series resurfaced. Moreover, with so many potential franchise could they have developed for current generation platforms case of Red Dead Redemption and Bully. However, it could not hurt to give a little contribution of ideas, hopes, and dreams for a concept that we think will make a GTA VI is much more perfect and attractive when introduced to the public later.


GameFight: FIFA 16 vs PES 2016

It’s never easy when it comes  to create Game Fight articles that bring  EA Sports and Konami . In addition both are able to perform very well with their respective advantages, both FIFA and PES has a rabid fan base.In the article FIFA 15 vs Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 last year, the first name called a winner with a score of very thin difference. License determines who is more deserving of the throne. But, what about this year? To judge which one is the best, we have also selected some elements or key points of a football simulation game for consideration, which largely remains the same as the points that we used in the previous article.




As is known, both FIFA 16 and PES 2016 looks equally charming. FIFA still maintain what they have achieved in the previous game. Various details of a football game does not go unnoticed, for example grass field, a splash of water, the texture of the audience, to the other elements on the sidelines.

PES 2016 too. Konami further optimize the Fox Engine’s ability to produce a better visual. Glance also just enhance the visual of the previous game. However, if observed, Konami now displays sharp textures audience. The face looks more like a star player is also further enhanced by a more visible expression ‘like a man’. Moreover, one thing we always liked since PES 2015 is a very good lighting effects.

Which makes PES 2016 is superior, physics effects and animations displayed appears very smooth and realistic. Conversely, in some scenes FIFA 16 still often look stiff. Plus, EA Sports also decided to eliminate the cut scene when the players enter the field. Therefore, to point this one we give to PES 2016.



Not much has changed from FIFA 16. In fact, as far as we play it, the gameplay is very similar to FIFA 15. Indeed, there is an improvement in terms of AI, but you still will find movements that are not perfect or collisions between players who seem strange ,

In contrast, PES 2016 gameplay it offers that we think are better than the previous game. You will see a movement so natural and realistic. interaction with the ball also appears much more dynamic.

With gameplay that ‘balance’, makes anyone feel comfortable and fun when playing against a friend or the computer without having to master the skill or strategy that complicated. AI more intelligent when attack and defense, and is able to adapt to suit the game.

With various advantages, we again gave one point for PES 2016.


As we’ve mentioned in previous articles, audio quality becomes a very important factor for a football game. Feel the atmosphere of a match or not is determined by how serious developer working on this one point.

Konami was left to the affairs of this one. Less lively atmosphere of the stadium, and the yells of the audience does not feel jarring. Although trying to bring a new commentator named Peter Drury, proved PES 2016 has not been able to bring the atmosphere of the game more exciting. His problem is still the same, a sentence which is less varied, less relevant, and if you listen carefully, many sentences are actually similar to those often spoken Jon Champion.

Instead, FIFA 16 offers an authentic stadium atmosphere with yells peculiar to each team. Not only in the Barclays Premier League, the stadium atmosphere in other leagues, too, for example in the Bundesliga. Commentator Martin Tyler and Alan Smith was still able to revive the spirit. To Sounds, FIFA 16 is still superior.

Players resemblance to the original


We always separate the core points of the visual because of the similarity of players in the game with real players in the real world is not just a matter of face. Movements such as how to run, how to kick a ball, celebration, and others should be considered.
EA Sports polish appearance so few star players appear more similar to the original, even down to the tattoo on the body. Nothing seems more similar, but there are still many who do not. In addition, it still looks less proportional body shape and movements of the authentic is not too pronounced.
By contrast, in PES 2016, further optimization of the Fox Engine is capable of producing animated outstanding player. Also looks more delicate texture. Shape of the face, body, until the typical movements of certain players feel more real in this game. Neymar became one of the stars gridiron made very similar to the original. Great Job, Konami!
No doubt, we give points for PES 2016.

Both FIFA 16 and PES 2016 did not change significantly compared to the previous series. Of which are easy to see at a glance the eye, FIFA only adds new features, such as women’s soccer. In gameplay and visuals, more or less still the same.

While PES 2016 is to optimize the Fox Engine. The result can be seen from the player’s movements are more subtle and natural to the effects of physics are realistic, texture viewers better visualization of the stadium more detail, until the availability of features brand-new like Celebration Control, dynamic weather, dynamic wide camera angle, commentator new and Goal Keeper ID. For that, we give these points one at PES 2016.

And The Winner is: PES 2016!

Finally we arrive at a final conclusion. Not as heavy as last year was, where both games are equally present something that is hard to miss. Since it was first played FIFA 16 and PES 2016, we already felt GameFight winners this year will fall into the hands of Konami’s games filmed.

What PES 2016 looks more lucrative offer with a variety of improvements and the provision of new features here and there. In contrast to FIFA 16 which we think was ‘plateaued’ and not much improvement compared to last year’s game, other than a matter of women’s soccer.

But all of that back to your choice as a gamer. Remain faithful to support one or more open-minded and try to play both of them to compare themselves. If you have a different view, Feel free to comment and share your opinion!


Game Review

FIFA 16 Review ( Part 2 ) : Not Much Different!

As we promised on our last post, today we will continue our review on FIFA 16, newest game from EASPORT.

Better AI and gameplay !

Not complete it when discussing visual, but forget about the gameplay. Given since FIFA 14, EA has been able to provide quality gameplay that makes gamers like to linger in front of the TV / monitor, now must continue to improve it. AI quality that has always been a classic problem in the game of football has now been improved here and there. Today, AI is more effective in working together to make attacks more swiftly and in managing the defense line wich  provide a higher pressure to the gamer while fingering this game. in addition, gamers now have to actually get the timing right when you want to shoot or do the crossing, otherwise it will kick off target.

fifa16rev21Ouch, did after the match Suarez entered the operating table? Does not seem.

Although it has been working to improve, in some circumstances, you will still find movements that are not perfect or collisions strange.



Note also that in FIFA 16 EA back improve the ability of a goalkeeper. The point is, how to make the goalkeeper has a charming animation while blocking the ball, and how to make them act like a world-class goalkeeper.

If talking about the gameplay of FIFA, it feels incomplete when discussing about the online match. One feature that the main reason for a gamer to buy the original game: multiplayer online. Matchmaking function goes well. You will look for an opponent who uses a team with comparable strength. Login to Origin, and you will find an opponent with a location nearby. By playing against other players in the same region, lagging be minimized. But remember, it all came back to the quality of your ISP.

Choice game mode in FIFA 16 is basically not much different than the previous game. Kick off, Tournament, Seasons, Career, Skills Games, Pro Club, and of course FIFA Ultimate Team, all still available, coupled with the Women Intenational Cup.


FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT): Draft Team


FUT mode also become attractive offers which you can taste by playing non-pirated versions. Game mode that point is how you build a team with a strong chemistry and is able to compete at the top. To realize it, you are given the opportunity to buy any player you want. Good or chemistry depends on many things. For example, if each player is assigned a position that is supposed to be, the communication among the players based on their country of origin are different, as well as how long they have been playing together.


On FIFA 16, EA offers a new mode that is FUT Draft. FUT Draft lets you create a team with the best skills. This draft team can use to challenge opponents online and if you manage to win four games in a row you will get great prizes, ranging from coins to buy players in FUT up the package of players that you can use in FUT.

fifa16rev26Not always a good player has a good chemistry with other players!


Is it Worth Replacing FIFA 15 with FIFA 16?


To get the latest FIFA series you have to pay around $ 65  (for a PS4 version that we use for testing). Eligible amount of money that you pay to replace FIFA 15? We think it’s better that much money you allocate to something else, or buy other games are available in advance, because FIFA 16 is not too get a significant change from FIFA 15.

EA only perform Ignite engine optimization and fine-tune some visual display that you can actually feel in FIFA 15. Even some cinematic moments in FIFA 15 should be lost in FIFA 16. The most notable changes in the FIFA series is the presence of 16 women’s soccer team. You could say this is a pretty historic series for EA Sports. Does the presence of the women’s team could be the reason you buy it? One thing to remember is that EA Sports usually discontinue support for old series if the new series have been present.


fifa16rev28FIFA 16 is not without flaws, arguably falsifies less than perfect. The presence of some of the new features also eliminate some of the old features, such as cut scene in the hallway of players missing. It is not bad, but we lost a few cinematic  moments in this game.


For a football simulation game, FIFA 16 still managed to present visually captivating, interesting gameplay. Repair atmosphere which is now not only matches in the Barclays Premier League make every game more similar to the original game. The presence of women’s soccer team giving a new experience in a football simulation game.

FIFA 16 is not without flaws, arguably falsifies less than perfect. The presence of some of the new features also eliminate some of the old features, such as cut scene in the hallway of players missing. It is not bad, but we lost some cinematik moments in this game.


  • Better visual
  • Atmospheric game that is not only in the certain  league
  • Women’s soccer team
  • Emotions players and spectators in response to every thing that happens on the field
  • Improved AI
  • Official license of virtually all of the world’s top league
  • Draft FUT Team


  • There are still many players are less similar
  • Commentators sometimes still less fit
  • There are interesting features of the predecessors lost (example: cut-scene)


Game Review

FIFA 16 Review ( Part 1 ) : Not Much Different!



FIFA 16 intros

With the start of the new season, not only marks the start of the competition of football clubs in the real world league trophy in each country and continent. Every year or right after the start of the new season also marks the start of the battle between the two biggest football game in the gaming industry – made by EA Sports FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer from Konami Konami.EA Sports and has always sought to develop its flagship game to give the best that gamers could experience football simulation game which is as realistic as possible.

One who has seen the results is through the EA Sports FIFA 16. You are able to read our previous preview of course, already have some idea about what new things to offer FIFA 16. Or perhaps, there are already some of you who have already purchased and played this game? Yes, admittedly, EA Sports berbeberapa indeed managed to bring enough innovation to make a difference from the preceding series.

Completion of Visual and Atmospheric Match?



Visually, FIFA 16 EA Sports makes appear to be a football simulation game feast for the eyes. Like the preceding series EA Sports still pay attention to even the smallest things in order to create an atmosphere that is close to reality. Call it the grass in the field that appears to detail, sway, and could even be damaged as the rigors of the game.

Spectators also become an important factor to realize the atmosphere like a real game continues to be a focus on the development of EA Sports. Both appearance and their reactions in response to the game are quite diverse, and explosive. If you play as the host where fans cornucopia fill stadiums, moments scored into most makes adrenaline volatile. Moreover, when touchdown occurs as if the camera vibrates due to the thunderous shouts from the audience.



If in the predecessor series only Barclays Premier League offers an authentic stadium atmosphere with yells peculiar to each team. EA Sports is now trying to build a stadium atmosphere in other leagues similar to the original. The most striking change is when you play a match with the team of the Bundesliga (German League). Although not perfect, EA is trying to build an atmosphere of the same game with the atmosphere of the game in the Bundesliga. Flag fluttering in every corner, and those who stood behind the goal is always to form the logo of his favorite clubs with colored paper.


fifa164Water splashes occur when Balotelli shot!

fifa165Not only in the rain, when the sunny grass and soil are flying!

fifa166Expression of disappointment when failing to execute a free kick

fifa167expression of protest when he gets a red card


Turning to the weather, in the rain when you can see the splash of water when a player running or kicking a ball, these effects appear at the moment that does not fit. You can see it more clearly through replay. Game when it snowed was less of a problem for us, thick piles of snow made the pitch look strange.

Behind all the improvements, there are also some things omitted by FIFA EA Sports on the new series. One is the loss of cut scenes atmosphere of the hall players before the game that we think is unfortunate.

To further support the atmosphere of the game, EA Sports has always pay attention to the match commentator. Narrative presented two flagship EA commentator, Martin Tyler and Alan Smith can make the game more exciting. But there is no ivory that is not cracked, sometimes still no comments were not in line with the game

Players face the suitability repair?

Facial resemblance to the animated version of real player always be the first thing discussed when the emergence of new soccer games to attend. Players celebrated EA remains a priority. In fact, the trio MSN (Messi, Suarez, Neymar) of Barcelona try displayed in the original by EA. However, despite some famous football star displayed properly managed, it turns out not a few faces and postures of players which, if observed, far from similar.




Despite its shortcomings in terms of visual, EA still managed to maintain visual FIFA charming. New things that they show still able to bring the game more realistic atmosphere.

Women’s Soccer!

Alex Morgan, one of the beautiful footballer of the United States.

Yep! The most interesting offer in FIFA’s latest series is the presence of women’s football team and this is the first time EA brings this innovation. In the latest series of FIFA, there are 12 women’s football team, the United States, Australia, Brazi, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain and Sweden. Yes! The twelve teams are national teams of each country, there is no club for women’s football in FIFA 16.

Indeed we are not so familiar with the faces of the women’s soccer players. However, we think EA is also quite successful duplication of the faces of the women players to the animated version. One of the players are quite similar and we know enough is Alex Morgan (USA).

Interestingly, female players in the game is not just a skin change, as far as we feel when playing, action and reaction is slightly different from the male players. Even FIFA Women International Cup provides its own in the FIFA 16 game mode, so you not only be able to play in the Kick-Off mode.

fifa1611 fifa1610


On our next post we will continue to review from the other aspect, stay tuned .